Wondering if you need a monitor arm? Here’s your guide!

If you prefer a neat and clutter-free workspace, you should consider getting a monitor arm, also known as a monitor stand. An adjustable monitor stand allows the user to adjust the monitor as per requirements to match the position and viewing angle. These stands can be installed on the desk and are pretty easy to use. Here are some of the things worth knowing.

Should I need a monitor mount?

Monitor mounts are great for people who want to retain control on the angle, height and placement of the screen. Basically, you can avoid the hunch position, especially if you are at work.  Monitor arms are also great for workplaces where the same monitor is being used for more than one person. Also, some of them allow a multi-screen setup, so if you need to check two screens at the same time, you don’t need move your seat. Not to forget, you get more space on the desk for other stuff. Not using the monitor? Move it away, so that your eyes don’t strain.

Things to check

Check your monitor to find if it’s VESA compliant. The VESA hole pattern is standard, and if your monitor is compliant to that, you can buy any mount with the same specifications. Secondly, check the weight specification for the mount. If you have a heavy or bigger monitor, you would need something more durable. In terms of installation, mounts either come with C-clamp or a grommet setup. The latter basically allows you to use the mount by drilling a hole in the desktop. The mount is secured underneath the surface of the tabletop. More attention is required for the c-clamp version, because not all desks are ideal for such products and may not have enough support.

In terms of options, you have choices like

  • Spring mount – Ideal for height adjustment
  • Laptop mount – Meant for laptops
  • Wall mount – Similar to that of TV mount, keeps the workspace clutter-free

Additionally, if you are using multiple screens, you can find rail mounts too. Check online stores, such as that of PrimeCables, where you can find a bunch of deals and offers. What’s also better is the choice to compare products based on adjustability, installation and features. Don’t forget to read some of the user reviews, and if you are shopping online, check if the product is available at a discount and is eligible for easy returns.